Medical Assistance by Medical Accountable Care Organizations

Medical assistance is provided by medical accountable care organizations and is classified according to the types, conditions and form of such assistance.

Accountable care organizations (acos) are subdivided types of medical care into:

  • primary health care;
  • specialized, including high-tech, medical care;
  • an ambulance, including an emergency specialized medical care;
  • palliative care.Medical Care by Accountable Care Organizations

Medical assistance can be provided in the following conditions:

  • outside accountable care organizations (at the place where the ambulance brigade is called, including emergency specialist, medical assistance, as well as vehicle during medical evacuation);
  • out-patient (in conditions that do not provide for 24-hour medical supervision and treatment), including at home when a medical worker is called up;
  • day patient department (in conditions that provide for medical observation and treatment during the day, but do not require 24-hour medical supervision and treatment);
  • permanently (in conditions that provide round-the-clock medical supervision and treatment).

Forms of medical care are:

  1. emergency – medical care provided with sudden acute diseases, conditions, exacerbation of chronic diseases that pose a threat to patient’s life;
  2. urgent – medical care provided with sudden acute diseases, conditions, exacerbation of chronic diseases without obvious signs of threat to patient’s life;
  3. planned – medical care, which is provided during preventive measures, with diseases and conditions not accompanied by a life threatening patient who does not require urgent medical assistance, and delaying provision of which for a certain time will not entail deterioration of patient’s condition, threat to his life and health.

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