Medical Billing Vs Medical Coding

Medical coding and medical billing both require some set of skills. Picking a path largely depends on whether you’ve got a head for numbers or a head for anatomy.

Medical coders interpret care that is given to a patient  into current procedural terminology (CPT) codes. Their main duty is to make sure that the medical services that a patient has been given are correctly coded. Medical billers should be able to create a claim based on the codes that a medical coder provides.

They are responsible for ensuring that a facility receives the best reimbursement possible for a claim. Medical billers should be able to understand how different insurance companies determine claims.

When a biller understands the regulations and guidelines of the industry as well as the insurance companies involved, they will have a better chance of ensuring a facility has correct and timely repayment rates.

Both of these two offices work hand in hand hence some small offices hire people to try to do both medical billing and medical coding. One difference between the two jobs is that coders translate medical services into codes, while medical billers convert the claims from the codes into payments from insurance as well as patients.

Another difference is that medical coders work with billers, health care facilities and physicians.  Billers on the other hand work directly with insurance companies and patients.

 Requirements in Both Fields

If you want to become a coder, you will have to be certified in basic CPT. Many coders now have multiple certifications for numerous specialties. Skilled coders are able to save a corporation a lot of money each year in by correctly coding services as this will increase insurance reimbursements.

Why Choose One Field

Medical billers are more  independent in the sense that  they  work as an independent service from a hospital or physician’s office.  Medical coders on the other hand typically work directly in health care establishments.

You will work on your own as a biller, but customer service and interacting with insurance companies remains a part of the work. The job requires you to talk to interact with so many people on a daily basis. Medical coding is perfect for those who would like to work in a shared environment.

Medical coders do not work directly with the general public but they  work with physicians and other health care workers.

 They have to be confident because they work with physicians and administrators, and therefore the job might be a good option if you are more reserved. 

Choose the Career That You Feel is Most Appealing

If you love the translating services into cash during the time you train, then then medical billing could be what you should venture into as a career.

If you enjoy learning about the human body and learning and decoding multifaceted services into codes, then coding is the job for you. Getting both certifications and work experience of the two jobs will help you decide which career you want.