Physician Billing Service Challenges in 2020

The health care sector has been facing a lot of challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Medical practitioners have had a huge burden thrust upon them. Physicians have been the hardest hit with front end departments and back end departments have been overwhelmed. Here are the physician billing service challenges that are likely to be faced in 2020.

Extreme Administrative Weight Load

Physicians have always had to deal with managing patients and medical billing services. For decades many physicians have been facing this challenge and with the new COVID-19 pandemic in the picture a lot has changed.

No matter where physicians work, whether in private practice, in public healthcare sectors or individually, they have huge administrative responsibilities that they meet each day they are on duty.

Training staff that work in the physician billing service department has become extremely difficult in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic. Governments as well as insurance companies introduce new payment methods all the time and this makes it difficult for physicians.

This means staff have to be properly trained in order to have the desired results.

Claim Denials

According to recent research, there have been a lot of claim denials in 2020. This has caused a lot of physicians revenue losses. Reviewing changing regulations for documentation before clam submission can be time consuming.

If physicians do not hire Evaluation and Management services providers, they may continue to face claim denial poor reimbursements, and inefficient payment schedule.

Competition in the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry has a lot of competition and the competition is increasing each and every day. There are so many healthcare services being established thereby  making competition increase. In these times of too much competition, physicians need to find ways to be innovative when it comes to their billing services. They have to make sure that they keep up with the market trends and the ever-changing technology.

Ineffective EHR

Ineffective EHR interface is a danger to patients and it creates problems for physicians. Communication gaps between physicians and patients can cause misconstructions between the two parties. EHR was introduced to make the process efficient. Implementing an EHR in a system that has a poor interface and insufficient features may make the system inefficient.


Medical practitioners face the risk of being sued for medical malpractice or any other complaint. Because physicians are involved in a lot of tasks, lawsuits tend to be filed against them more often.

An outsource physician billing company that can help physicians to stay well-informed of the medical billing and coding guidelines is a good option. The billing company can also help provide a complete medical audit.

Providing Services to Patients With Chronic Diseases

Inadequate equipment and human resources have made it difficult for physicians to care for Chronic Diseases. This is because taking care of a huge number of patients can become overwhelming.

Safeguarding Patient Information

There is a need for physicians to acquire protective billing solutions due to the danger of losing patient information.